A thriving community needs a wiki these days:


When the APL Wiki was about to be launched this was significantly trickier than it is today compared with other, “normal” programming languages. In order to display those crazy APL characters all the software involved had to be ready for Unicode.

In theory this was not a problem, even back then, but in practice ironically it was.

Early in 2006 I made my mind up that it was time to launch an APL Wiki. It took me almost a year until I had everything in place so that all the pieces of software involved would work together perfectly .

At the end of 2006 the APL Wiki was finally launched.

On the condition that you used a Unicode-capable APL (APL2, Dyalog or NARS2000) one could copy code from the session manager to the clipboard and insert it into an article on the APL Wiki and it all worked.

This is also true the other way round. One can copy code from the APL wiki, insert it into the session and run the code.

Today (2010) all the difficulties I had to deal with back in 2006 have vanished.

Indeed one does not even need an installed APL font any more in order to display APL characters properly: all modern browsers will download a needed but missing font silently in the background and install it temporarily, proper CSS assumed.