From 1980 until 2004 I visited conferences and user meetings and read APL publications without giving much thought to the people running these events, and their putting plenty of unpaid work into those projects.

Growing older possibly means that one pays more attention to this.

Hopefully this is the reason why so few of the younger generation of APLers is doing voluntary work.

FromĀ 2004 I started to make an effort myself; first by supporting others. In 2006 I invented the APL wiki which is still hosted by the APL Team Ltd, and I am doing all the administration work as well.

In 2008 the APLTree project was launched. Its aim is to provide ready-for-use classes of the highest quality for all those every-day problems programmers run into all the time.

Over time several application sneaked into the APLTree project. 2018 these application got relocated into the new project APL-cation. Details for both projects are available at

From August 2010 until the end of 2013 I acted as Production Manager of Vector. In the future I will continue to contribute as author, peer-reviewer and co editor.

In May 2010 I was awarded The Outstanding Achievement Award for my support of APL. (Report in Vector)