After 15 years this web site looked a bit outdated. Not ideal for an IT professional.

In addition to an updated layout readability on mobiles and tablets was essential.

You don’t do this yourself these days (= writing HTML and CSS code) but rely on a piece of software to complete the task done on your behalf.

I looked around for quite a while and ended up with WordPress. This piece of software has evolved into a full-blown content management system (CMS) for small web sites, though “small” can well mean several hundreds of pages.

However, GM’s website, which is believed to have comprised at one stage about 48,000 pages is something WordPress could not manage.

The goals for the new web site:

  • Support for mobiles, tablets and monitors from small to large (responsive design).
  • Support for customised CSS and special fonts.
  • Rather than scrolling down long pages the user should be able to get back to the top with a single action.
  • With computers and tablets the menu should stay visible at all time.
  • Creating new postings must be easy.
  • User and search engine friendly URLs.

Using the Avada theme we met all these requirements.